New Pics

Hey everyone, this is the first of many pictures hopefully. Not many yet but I’ve got a long way to go.

The Journey Begins

“Help, where are you taking me? Will we be home in time for tea?”



“You’re taking the Mickey, surely?”

Hey Mickey

“Not a drop of decent tea to be found anywhere!”

I spy…

“The Rose Bowl.  Impressive.  However, I’d rather see a sugar bowl.”

Rose bowl

New Zealand

“After many hours of flying over many miles of ocean I’m in… the jungle.  The call of the wild. Just think, if I still lived here, how would I make a nice cuppa?”


“Green tea? No just green stagnent water.  Monkies should not live in jungles!”

Jungle vs tea

“This is more like it.  I’ve found this giant coconut to sit on.  I wonder if there’s enough milk in here for a nice cuppa?”

Life of luxury

“This is a monky’s life.”


“I’ve found a friend and we’ve found hobbits!  Hobbits are great: they are small and have hairy feet just like us and, with all the meals they take every day, there’s plenty of time for tea!”


“Hot springs… hot water… guess what I’m thinking… Now, where did I put my pyramids?”

Hot water…

“Ahhhhhhhh let me go”

Scarey pole

“Bliss is a good friend and a nice cuppa.   I said a nice cuppa.  I SAID A NICE CUPPA!  Oh it’s hopeless.  Where’s the kettle?”

Lovin’ it

“I’m on top of the world. Well 3000m up anyway!”

3000m up

More to follow soon…

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